I know I’ve got the right company.
I watched a ted talk a few months ago where the speaker said that in college you must pick people that you can bet on to change the world. And maybe until last year, I couldn’t have counted more than two such people that I knew.

But now that has changed.

In the past week I have had some very intimate, mature, and knowledgeable conversations with some of my friends. These women (don’t got many guy friends :p) have transformed right in front of me. There is nothing like watching someone you’ve known for years and them growing into the best versions of themselves, inside and out.

This is our final year at college, our final year together. This year we’re no longer together in one class. Everyone has picked a major. So we’re forced to see each other through classroom windows, and wait outside for one hug, a five minute rant or even a quick wave trying to hide from the teacher in class.

And yes, distance does make the heart grow fonder, even if the distance is just one wall wide.

But the point here is, everyone is studying what they love, what they’re passionate about. And the impact is stunning. The confidence, the intellect, the ability to question, the urge to make a change is growing everyday within these women. I see them no longer talking of futile matters that seemed important only until a few months ago. But now we’re discussing the world, its influences and most importantly, ways to influence it too.

This change is becoming more and more obvious in not only an academic growth, but also in personalities. These women are learning to be themselves, unapologetically. And with them, so am I. I am learning to be myself with them. We grow stronger together.

This summer I met some more women that made me feel this way as well. They were such gorgeous, smart, strong women I couldn’t help but grow warm in their presence. They were my comfort between strangers in a different city. I saw them work on their creative side ever so passionately, motivating me to do the same. I got so lucky with these amazing ladies.

I’m surrounded with such positive, growing and glowing influences that I cannot help but push myself to do better. These are the women around whom I try to better myself, to learn more, and to grow with them.

I’m so grateful to all of you amazing ladies for this! I love you. Jessica Simons

5 thoughts on “THE COMPANY YOU KEEP

  1. Oh how marvelous that this transformation occurred in what appeared to be a blink of the perceptual eye. I imagine these ladies, your college friends, were up and coming all along, and you stayed around to glow and grow with them, because of them, and because of you. I suspect you’re bound to find even more ladies of your generation who are poised to be the change they seek. How exciting!


    1. Hello!
      I am a lucky girl! And it truly has been the most eye opening and very educative a transformation to watch and experience. Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I truly wish that you too are surrounded with such positivity.
      Love, Juilee.

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  2. Jules, this though! * Touched* I’m more than happy to have met a strong, amazing, gifted woman like you. You go girl! I can’t wait to read your book one day.. or better, read it to me in your quirky sense of humour! 😉


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