I made a big decision this year. I decided I’m gonna study creative writing for the summer, in Pune. Away from Mumbai, away from home.

Let me tell you, I’ve never lived away from home. At least not over five days. This time I’m away for nearly three weeks. There will be a longgg blog-post about that when I go home. But for now, let me tell you about my Sunday.

I came here two days after my exams. The one day between my exams and traveling was spent packing. So neither did I get to take four-hour post-exam naps nor do I get Summer vacation. When I get back I get result days and admission processes.

Not today. Today is my day.

It’s the first Sunday in ages where I’ve woken up before 10 am. I’ve got about nine hours of sleep last night, which is AH-MA-ZING!

So I’m up at 8 am. I’ve washed my hair, had a filling breakfast. One and a half cups of chai has me chilled out. I’ve spent this morning dancing, singing wrong lyrics and rocking out to Lorde and Troye Sivan. I’ve called my mom. I’ve talked to my best friend. I’ve been watching youtube. I’m wearing yellow. I’ve gotten a good few selfies, and I’m not even a selfie person. Talk about #Goals.


I have a tiny to-do list for today.  I’m reading a book I haven’t before. I’m writing about Mumbai for my class assignment. (I’m telling y’all, I don’t leave Mumbai, Mumbai doesn’t leave me). I have a massive pile of laundry waiting for me. I also have my period.

But I also have my best friend’s good morning message. My mother’s bad jokes. I have a simple yet very personal conversation I had with one of the staff members here. I have last night’s deadly laughter with my friends here. I have a classmate’s honest, real blog-post. I’ve got an 11:11 right now as I’m writing this. (Whoa! Thank you, Universe!) I’ve got good music. I have goals for today. I have plans for this evening. I have a different city on my hands, new people, new personalities, new history. I have sunlight reflecting off the white walls in my hostel. I have lots of wind. I have space. A clear head, but a blocked nose too.  A wi-fi connection. I have this blog. I have silence. I have myself. I have a surprising amount of self-love right now.

And for all of this, I am grateful. So grateful!

My Sundays have not felt like this in forever. I have not felt like this in forever. I’m learning, living, loving. And I am full. I am free.

It’s a Happy Sunday. Jessica Simons

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