Two posts in a week? This must be a special occasion,  huh?

I don’t even know where to start. This was one of those experiences that in the middle of it you think about how lucky you are. And I am the luckiest girl.

Backstory: My college held their annual fest for the English department last month. The guest speaker for which was Rochelle Potkar, a poet, fictionist, critic and the coolest person I’ve ever met. During that fest, she read her poem Biscooti Love and I fell in love, hard! I wish I would’ve talked to her and tell her how much I loved it the same day, but couldn’t. So I did the next best thing and wrote her an email. The best part? She responded, and I started my happy-dance! After we’d talked and she’d very, very kindly answered my questions I felt like I’d met a friend. It was the coolest thing, ever! It was so unexpected. I thought she’d be too busy to respond to a fan, so quickly I must add (the same day). But she took the time to write back and help me immensely.

So after I’d told her of my love for her poetry and poetry in general, and her remembering it, she invited me (took me a minute to believe it!) to attend a poetry reading session. I was more than ready to go! There were six poetesses including miss Potkar and they were AMAZING! I smiled and laughed till my cheeks hurt. The poetry was so touching, so easy to understand and so, so beautiful! The poetry was absolutely extraordinary. I was so inspired and learned so much. It was almost like a conversation with these amazing women. I couldn’t believe it! It was the best experience this year so far. Miss Potkar even took the time to talk to me! How cool! And I talked to two other poets. They were all so kind and easy-going. They all talked to us like we’re all friends, asked our names and just were the most chill people ever! I was too excited to even take pictures. 😦

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than my best friend, V, for this amazing day. A massive thanks to her for supporting me! I love how your intuition works, every time!

A biggg thank you to Rochelle Potkar for responding to me and inviting me today. Thank you for being so kind and warm.

Today was a good day, I had to write it down to keep it in my memory forever.

Until next time,Jessica Simons

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