An important lesson. 

My second year in college is coming to an end. I have been so lucky this year, I’ve got my priorities straight, I’ve found the most trustworthy people and found the ones I shouldn’t be around, and most importantly learned to look after myself. I have also learned a very important lesson, kindness. I have seen the need, lack, and abundance of kindness around me. 

Kindness has come to me in enormity, whether that was the little things or great ones. Or maybe I’ve just grown aware of my blessings that come in the most random forms, for which I’m very grateful. Each instance of someone blessing me with their kindness has had an impact on me. It made me realize how important it is to practice it. 

Kindness came to me when a girl woke me up after I’d fallen asleep on the train so I wouldn’t miss my station. It was an old lady telling me to have a good day. It was a friend lending me her class notes. It was my best friend looking after me emotionally, always. It was my best friend telling me she believed in me. It was my cold mail being responded to and being helped by it.

I have seen people look at me and think I’m worth their time, their kind words and patience. I have experienced the sweetest moments without being a part of them, only when I saw people being kind to others. So what I’m saying is, I been good!

There is, however, another side to this. I have also seen the opposite of kindness. People, friends talking shit behind their ‘friends’ back or someone’s pointless, baseless hate. I have seen people be left out of conversations or not helped. I have seen people being completely unacknowledged and the disappointment on their faces. And that made me count my blessings. I’ve seen how cool it looks to act like you just don’t care, but trust me, it gets you nowhere. I know, I’ve been on both ends at times.

So I’ve made a tiny decision. To be nicer, kinder, softer. So sometimes it may sound weird that I wished a random girl in the college elevator luck for her project but I learned that from the lady who lent me her seat in the train so I could study. And I smile at strangers so they can smile back, because what harm will that ever bring (And damn, have I seen some gorgeous smiles!). I see the slight surprise on my bus driver’s face turn into a smile when I thank them, and it makes me happy.
Side note: If not for the world, do it for you.
Small things turn into bigger ones, smaller smiles into bigger ones, and if you get the chance to be kinder, do it. Please, you have no idea the impact it will have on someone. And it truly is the smallest things, pick up something they dropped, leave an extra tip, give up your window seat, say sorry and thank you and please and smile. I promise nothing bad will ever result from this, PROMISE!

So that’s a little thought outlet and mini-advice to y’all

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2 thoughts on “KINDNESS

  1. Does this mean you’re going to be a little less sarcastic? And kinder to meee? 😀
    Love you and your words! ❤


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