Today I got to thinking, that we are more than who we are. Or more than we are told we are. Don’t you think?

Since school, I was categorized, by EVERYONE, including myself, into the “smart kid” type. I was the kid who came first every year and the one that teachers loved and the one who gave a speech at every program. I never back answered, not even when I needed to. You know why? Because I didn’t want anyone to think badly of me. That’s when I entered the “nice person” gang. But no one, not even me, thought that I didn’t want to be in those categories. This is what got me thinking, that I was more than the things I was grouped into. And so were all of us! Our parents, families, friends, teachers, and we, OURSELVES decided to become a part of such teams. You know what the worst part is though?! That there was an invisible barrier between two groups. And even those groups were divided into good or bad, acceptable or not.

But I know that we are not just those measures that define us. So I want to know who am I and who are you.

So what kind of a person are you really? The kind that looks pretty only before you leave home? Or someone who is absolutely amazing at makeup? Do you have random glitter across your face sometimes? DO you prefer sleeping on the couch than the bed? Would you rather be in school than college? Would you rather be at home or outside? Do you like the city you live in? Are you aware of yourself? Do you know what your favorite color is? Do you like the poetry you write or the art you make? Do you really like your friends? Do you believe in soulmates?

There are a million questions that we ask ourselves every day, but has anyone ever told us they are important too? Have you ever stopped to consider these questions, find answers or explore yourself at all?

So if you read this, question yourself and make sure to find answers too. Let me know something about yourself in the comments.

Until next time loves.

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